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Our Story

Husk Leder is a family-owned leather goods company. It all began with fun and games while making creative outfits for friends and family for the Burning Man festival. We never expected that we would end up with a passion to be creative with leather or start an actual business with leather. We are a family of magnificent talents when it comes to creativity. So we decided to use our gifts for hands-on leather goods and we are proud to say today, that we have put a smile on the face of hundreds who have experienced our creativity and uniqueness to taste and style. This desire to create a world where leather becomes more than footwear or bags etc became a motivation to create a legacy, that motivation became a strong drive to create a brand and this led to the establishment of Husk Leder. 

We Make Handmade Leather Goods

The Husk Leder family has big plans for the future so I urge you to keep your gaze on us as we will be revealing some awesome concepts that will keep you awed.

“Creating top quality leather goods for the everyday leather connoisseur

We appreciate all of our customers and want every single one to be satisfied with our leather products. If you have any feedback for us please contact us

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Handmade leather Holster Overview

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